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Do You Know How Candles Can Be Coloured?

Customizing your favourite candles with your preferred colour is a fun and creative process. Begin by melting old candles in a double boiler or using paraffin wax to create new ones. Add powdered or liquid candle dye incrementally until you reach your desired hue. Pour the wax into a fresh mould with a wick, then let it solidify.

This simple DIY project enables you to enjoy your favourite scents in your favourite colours, enhancing your candle experience. Candles Fantasy can offer you candles made out of 100% natural wax, which are coloured by using Bekro dye.

So, let us discuss how you can colour any candle in this post.

1. Select your favourite type of wax

Candles can be crafted from various wax types, each with distinct advantages and drawbacks. While new wax, notably soy, is beginner-friendly, repurposing old candles is an option, ideal when the wick is spent. Exercise caution with scented candles, as high-temperature melting can alter their aroma negatively.

2. Melt the wax

When melting wax, avoid direct heat to preserve its consistency. Use a double boiler or a glass bowl over hot water. Different waxes melt at varying temperatures, so gradually reach around 180°F, stirring until the wax is liquefied.

3. Add the candle dye

When adding colour to your wax, gradually stir thoroughly, particularly with dye blocks that may take time to melt. The amount of dye depends on the dye type and wax. Test the colour by dropping a bit of wax onto the paper because the molten wax colour can change as it cools.

Adjust by adding more dye if it appears too light or incorporating extra wax to dilute if it is too dark—experiment by mixing different dyes to create new colours.

4. Cooling down the wax

Allow the candle wax to cool to approximately 140°F to prevent container damage and candle cracking.

5. Add candle fragrance

Enhance your candle with fragrance oils like vanilla, peppermint, or lavender once the wax cools to personalize your space with delightful scents.

6. Prepare the container

Mason jars are a classic choice for candle containers. Secure the wick to a pencil, ensuring it remains cantered in the container.

7. Pour the wax

Carefully pour the melted wax into the container, leaving some space at the top. Any excess can be saved for future use.

8. Wait

After pouring the wax, allow the candles to cool completely, typically taking a few hours. Once solid, trim the wick, leaving around half a centimetre from the surface.

In conclusion, customizing your candles with your preferred colours is a rewarding and enjoyable DIY project. Whether you choose to work with new wax or repurpose old candles, the process involves:

  • Selecting your preferred wax type.
  • Melting it carefully in a double boiler.
  • Adding the desired candle dye.

Be patient while allowing the wax to cool to prevent damage or cracking, and consider enhancing your candles with fragrance oils. Mason jars are a timeless choice for candle containers, and with a little creativity, you can create beautiful, personalized candles that bring both colour and aroma to your living space. Enjoy the art of candle-making!

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