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Who Are the Best ‘Family Friendly’ Stand-up Comedians?

Pretty much everyone loves a good laugh, and if you live in a house with a younger audience, it helps to know a few stand-up comics that deliver family-friendly material. Research that was reported in 2017 revealed that roughly 19 percent of Netflix viewers claim comedy as their favorite genre, and there are over 16 million stand-up comedy videos up on YouTube. 

Among the many options, these are the top stand-up comedians that are appropriate for every age.

Brian Regan

Brian Regan is one of the most popular clean comedians, appealing to adults and kids alike. Not only has he appeared on late-night adult television several times, but a lot of his material focuses on stories from his childhood, which makes him relatable to younger viewers. Regan’s sense of sarcasm and body language is hilarious to anyone watching him regardless.

Kellen Erskine

Kellen Erskine is loved by kids who have an interest in getting into the stand-up comedy business. Many of the topics he jokes about include high school stereotypes, animals, and even shopping carts. His work has been rated appropriate for kids aged seven and up.

Preacher Lawson

Discovered on the hit reality show “America’s Got Talent,” Preacher Lawson has a range of material that both adults and kids can giggle too. He ended up being a finalist on the competition and has had his own specials on his YouTube channel and BET.

Nate Bargatze

Nate Bargatze’s Netflix special “The Tennessee Kid” is a PG-rated comedy show that families around the country have raved about. Some of the topics of his material include Chocolate milk, air travel, inexpensive weddings, and football.

Anjelah Johnson

A former actress on the famous MadTV and the early days of YouTube, Anjelah Johnson is a stand-up comedian that manages to make viewers of all ages laugh with her funny voices and incredibly accurate character work. Even if some of the younger watchers don’t catch all her jokes, her impressions are enough to keep them engaged in her act.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton’s style of making jokes about himself and his keen observations attract many families to watch his act. He has an uncanny likeness to Jerry Seinfeld, and his special on Netflix titled “Happy Face” has been rated as PG-14 for some substance references. However, his content overall is given a thumbs-up by parents.

Michael Jr.

Clean comedian Michael Jr. likes to focus his jokes on things that also inspire people. His work is showcased on his YouTube channel, his podcast, and his comedy special titled “Laughing on Purpose.”

Jim Gaffigan

Gaffigan is nicknamed the “King of Clean Comedy,” as you won’t find many other stand-up artists that use mild language and subject matter like he does. Some of his content revolves around his life as a husband and father, but he also loves to touch on food and laziness. He has a Netflix special that can be streamed along with many YouTube clips. 


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