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Signs of Identifying A Good Preschool Near You

Choosing a school for your child, even a preschool, means asking plenty of questions. Begin your search at least a few months before you would like your kid to begin: In some areas, families may need to have on wait lists years beforehand to have a place at a high-quality preschool.

A good reputation

An excellent Preschool in Bangalore should have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and be famous for its nurturing environment and stimulating program. Ask the school for the names and numbers of current parents that you could call for a reference. You read through the review and see what are features parents liked and if they match with your criteria.

Established ground rules

It is important for a preschool to be flexible — allowing you pick up and drop off your child at various times, for example — but it also needs to have clearly established regulations for everything from working hours to the way to handle emergencies. That way you know the staff takes responsibility of your children.

A stimulating curriculum

The top Preschool & daycare near me have daily schedules which include loads of time for physical activity, regular story time, group programs, interacting, crafts, individual activities, meals, snacks, and free time. TV and videos should not occupy a huge time in your child’s day. An experienced, qualified staff is all you need as they are capable enough to take care of the children.

A current license

To be licensed, preschools must fulfill state licensing regulations for safety and health. And since they are usually classified as daycares instead of educational institutions, preschools have to satisfy the same licensing requirements as other childcare facilities. Needless to say, a license is not a guarantee of quality that is why you must assess the school and the teachers on your own.

Clean and safe facilities

Also check that food preparation areas are far away in the baths, trash cans are not overflowing, and the building is adequately heated and lit.  Make sure that the preschool follows the basic principles of security, too. Strangers should not be able to just walk in off the road — and kids shouldn’t have the ability to wander out. Medication and the other hazardous substances should be kept out of reach, and the outside play area should be flat and secure. Working smoke detectors should be set up, a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher should be close at hand.


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