Thursday, September 21, 2023

Is Amazon FBA Worth it?

While going through the internet, it’s amazing to see someone having just one simple, lightweight, and small product selling and making hundreds of thousands of dollars with sales of that single, lightweight and small product. Wondering on the revenues which are actually coming against a single product is a matter of fact. After having a well-detailed analysis of the seller, the product, and the reviews which the product listing page receives from the buyers, here are the main points which you need to consider while starting your Amazon FBA business.

Start with a winning Product

So, the winning product is one which is able to bring a more money-making great number of sales. Consider the following points while selecting your winning product.

  1. Search a high demand product for your marketplace at Amazon
  2. Search a low competition product where there would be few sellers
  3. Search a product having an average price of 15$ to 49$
  4. Search a product with which existing sellers are making high revenues
  5. Search a product that has over 25 points all-time Google Trend graph and the graph should lie above 25 points for almost three years
  6. Search a product that is not seasonal, that is it can be sold throughout the year without a decline in its demand
  7. Search a product that is lightweight and small in size
  8. Search a product that you can be purchased from the wholesaler at the lowest possible production cost

Sourcing the Product from Wholesaler

While sourcing the product from the supplier or manufacturer, try to get the manufacturer of the product if possible. Here are the points which you should consider while making a decision on sourcing. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try products that everyone can grab from Amazon for Amazon sales

  1. Search through a reliable wholesaler website
  2. Search for a supplier who is actual manufacturer and manufacturing from at least last three years
  3. Search for supplier with Payment Method verified badge.
  4. Search for suppliers who are rated high and provided better reviews
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