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3PL Warehouse Management Software Can Do for You

What may be a 3PL Warehouse Management Software? A 3PL (Third Party Logistics Company) is a non-asset based (doesn’t own trucks or equipment) which will assist you to reduce costs, risk and save time and expense within the implementation of your logistics strategy. Here’s how they are doing it…

Huge rate savings… not!

Generally, with a 3PL you will find the rates are competitive with what you’re already paying. Don’t expect huge rate reductions simply because you’ve decided to research a 3PL. Rates are governed more by the market value and fewer about the value. Actually, if you have been collecting rates on your laneways for a short time then you almost certainly know far better what the market value is than a 3PL WMS Software company. you ought to be sharing your rate information with your 3PL so that they can work with you to place together a rate neutral package for you. you’ll be wondering, if a 3PL can’t get me rate savings, then what is the benefit? the advantages come from mode shifting, order tracking efficiencies, time savings, consolidations, improved carrier management, shipment visibility, and risk reduction.

Mode shifting

Are you shipping tons of normal LTL? By working with a 3PL you’ll leverage their computer tracking systems to watch patterns that might be candidates for consolidation into truckload shipments. for instance, if you’re shipping twice every week 12 pallets from Chicago to Toronto, you’d save considerable money by shipping one full truckload once every week. While this seems simple, these possibilities exist in your shipping data. 3PL’s have software to seek out such opportunities and may assist you to cash in on them. Anytime you’ll shift from LTL to truckload, your cost per pound is going to be reduced.

Order Tracking

How many times have you ever had to buy expedited shipments because something didn’t go as planned? the matter with many software packages that shippers use is that they end at their shipping docks. As soon because the truck is loaded, the order is complete. you recognize what really is vital may be a happy customer who receives your product on time. 3PL’s have software that’s composed to manage your consignments from your dock to your customers. Many offer ‘dashboard’ web access where you’ll see the status of any shipment you’ve got on the continue one simple screen. Not only are you able to track all of your shipments, but you’ll roll in the hay from anywhere. Because the bulk of those dashboards are web-based, you’ll roll in the hay from home, your Blackberry, even the golf course!

Time Savings

Do you have a routing guide? have you ever spent tons of your time trying to enforce it with all of your shipping locations? you want to know the struggle this is often. On top of that, albeit people are following it, have you ever ever considered all the time your people spend calling the carriers on the list to seek out someone who is out there once you need them? There are big-time wasters here. Shouldn’t your customer service people be servicing your customers rather than trying to find trucks? I feel you recognize where this is often going. A 3PL will combat this responsibility. you’ll always have a truck once you need one. The 3PL will combat the brunt of coordination between your plant, suppliers, and customers, so your customer service people can do what they’re best at…. servicing your customers…. and taking orders!

Improved Carrier Management

Do you have a myriad of records, assessorial costs, fuel overcharge tables, insurances, licenses, etc. to stay on top of? If you wish most transportation professionals, you’ve piles of the stuff! 3PL’s generally have software designed to stay on top of all these things. Plus, they will assist you negotiated standardized assessorial and fuel surcharges. this may not only prevent time filing and collecting all this data but believe the time savings in your invoice approval process.


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